Same chrome brilliance,
reduced environmental impact,
wondrous corrosion resistance.

It´s LikeChrome, the new chrome effect surface-treatment, born in Compagnucci High Tech s.r.l.. Research & Development Department. LikeChrome applied to wire products gives an aesthetics quite similar to chrome, with a drastic reduction in polluting emissions. LikeChrome also has a higher corrosion resistance than traditional chrome: tested in salt mist room it has reached a resistance of 90 hours.

LikeChrome: looks chrome but it is not!

Crominox e

A new era in coating

With 1500 hours of testing in a saline fog chamber, the finishing coating patented with the name of CROMINOX and the subsequent coloured variant called STYLINOX, which combines galvanic plating with clear plastic coating - offers excellent corrosion-resistance and gives the finished product two special technical features:

Softness and delicacy
The difference is only noticeable to the touch, because of the pleasantly soft sensation provided by clear plastic coating with polymer resin, which gives the product impressive noise-damping properties.

Items placed inside pull-out fixtures are retained by the mechanical grip of the coating´s surface, with no tipping or knocking of contents even during use of the component.

This is achieved through COMPAGNUCCI technologies, developed and produced with special attention to the relevant safety and environmental regulations.

As the diagram below shows, this treatment, known as CROMINOXSTYLINOX, comprises a galvanic process with application of two layers of metal nickel, acid copper and environment-friendly chromium, followed by dipping in a polymer resin COMPUREX. There are two basic types of problem with every plastic coating: mechanical adherence and environmental impact. COMPUREX solves them both. Developed by Compagnucci research, COMPUREX not only retains the excellent mechanical adherence and corrosion resistance properties of conventional PVC, guaranteed by tests lasting 1500 hours in saline fog chambers, but actually improves them by replacing the components that involve risks for both the finished product and the production process. While ensuring full protection for the coating and total plastic-metal compatibility, the new procedure eliminates the components called phthalates, responsible for unpleasant smells, and replaces them with risk-free alternative compounds, also used for the manufacture of medical products. This achievement once again places COMPAGNUCCI at the leading edge of research in the industry.